Our activity second hand :

EPSI proposes  large rng of seond hand equipmets (injection molding machine, extruder, blow molding, etc… and many peripherals and robotic eqipments.

A strict control of the equipments is made ​​before delivery and ensures a good functional status.

Our TECHICAL ASSSTANCE service can helpyou to solveyour tenical problems and also offer SPARE PARTS (electronic cards, solenoid valves, hydraulic and electrical…),  particularly for SANDRETTO machine for which we ensure a technical follow for more than 20 years.

Our technicians are also available to assist our customers at troubleshooting machines.







Your company must perform a readjustment of its production tool, replace of obsolete equipment for your fabrications, or the sell at the end of depreciation, etc...

You plan to sell INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE, BLOWER, EXTRUDER, ETC.and all equipment peripheral, attachments or accessories?

Contact us by phone 0033.437.256.000 or by email info@epsi-france.com, we will send you our best purchasing conditions, disassembly, handling and transport taken care of by our company, according to estimates established after expertise.


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Specialist in plastic processing :

Founded in 1993 by Eric POUGET for the provision of equipment plastics, EPSI company firstly developed the French markets and those in Eastern Europe and North Africa in the sales activities of the injection molding second hand distinguished by the care given to materials by performing technical control and a test of functioning.

Featuring a subsidiary in Algeria and a society in Tunisia EPSI can meet the needs of these markets, EPSI continuously since its development by regularly completing its activities through of important partnerships and renowned equipment manufacturers for the plastics processing.

Progressively for 10 years, EPSI has extended its field of action to more distant countries in Francophone and Anglophone Africa, the Middle East, as well as the Indian continent by proposing various transformation equipment such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, injection blowing, thermoforming and all the accessories and spare parts essential to the development of our customers, thus contributing to a more efficient of means of production and therefore at the profitability.

The variety proposition of our new and second hand equipment is the strength of EPSI accompanied by advice in individual cases, of a technical assistance to ensure the performance of production tools to our customers and so of their fidelity for 20 years.